Faculty: Research Investigators  

Mohamed N. Rahaman, Director, Materials Science and Engineering (rahaman@mst.edu)
Dipak Barua, Chemical and Biochemcial Engineering (baruad@mst.edu)
Sutapa Barua, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (baruas@mst.edu)
Richard K. Brow, Materials Science and Engineering (brow@mst.edu)
Delbert E. Day, Materials Sciences and Engineering (day@mst.edu)
Xian Huang, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (huangxian@mst.edu)
Yue-wern Huang, Biological Sciences (huangy@mst.edu)
Chang-Soo Kim, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ckim@mst.edu)
Hyoung-Koo Lee, Mining and Nuclear Engineering (leehk@mst.edu)
Ming C. Leu, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (mleu@mst.edu)
Xinghua Liang, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (liangxin@mst.edu)
Yinfa Ma, Chemistry (yinfa@mst.edu)
Manashi Nath, Chemistry (nathm@mst.edu)
Joontaek Park, Chemical and Biological Engineering (parkjoon@mst.edu)
Julie A. Semon, Biological Sciences (semonja@mst.edu)
Honglan Shi, Chemistry (honglan@mst.edu)
David J. Westenberg, Biological Sciences (djwesten@mst.edu)
Bingqi Zhang, Materials Science and Engineering (zhangbingq@mst.edu)
Zhaozheng Yin, Computer Science (yinz@mst.edu)

Adjunct Faculty

B. Sonny Bal, MD, MBA, JD; Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Missouri S&T; Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, and Chief, Hip and Knee Division, University of Missouri, Columbia.

New Research Investigators

Faculty members at Missouri S&T who have research interests in biomedical science and engineering are welcome and encouraged to participate in the CBTRR as Research Investigators. Please contact the Director.